The Max-Defense Story

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Long Story.....Short (well Sorta).

During the economic downturn in 2008, our parent company - Certified Maintenance Service, Inc. a large Commercial Janitorial Company in the Southeast began searching for new revenue streams through the federal bidding process. We ran across a bidding opportunity at one of the major military academies (has a W and P in the name....hint, hint). They wanted their combat training/wrestling room: cleaned, disinfected, coated with a durable bio static antimicrobial coating that would fight 24/7 against bacteria, mold and fungi, then they wanted swab testing to measure bacteria levels and of course they needed all this documented. As a former D1 college wrestler and at the time a high school wrestling referee I was intrigued by this. Not to mention, I was the sales manager for our parent company. So after much research, we found a company that could do that service. We won the bid and had that company train us on all the procedures (we paid them nicely of course for the training). We then created the revolutionary Max-Defense Antimicrobial System in 2010 and started building a network of Authorized Service Providers. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our service providers were ready to hit the ground running. We had one service provider perform over 200 jobs in their market. We have limited territories open now for qualified professional janitorial companies - contact us and see if we need a service provider in your market. We also train in-house custodial staffs, so if you are a facilities director of school, university, hotel, we can help you. We provide all the virtual training (no travel needed), chemicals, equipment, materials, PPE, buckets, electrostatic sprayers backpack and hand held, marketing materials, digital marketing, and more.... We are a one-stop shop to start your CDC compliant COVID-19 cleaning/disinfection process. Give your clients - Maximum Surface Protection by becoming an Authorized Service Provider of the Max-Defense Antimicrobial System.

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Want to start offering a professional disinfection service on steroids?? No need to re-invent the wheel…..lean on us and learn from us.  We will teach what we have learned over 10 years doing our Max-Defense Antimicrobial System.  From start to finish, we can have you trained and ready to start offering Max-Defense in less than two weeks!  

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