Does your Facility Need a CDC Compliant - Professional Disinfection Service for a COVID-19 exposure? Contact the disinfection pros at Max Defense antimicrobial system today ! Our nationwide network of highly trained and authorized service providers can provide the best disinfection services nationwide to fight COVID-19 with rapid response times. Contact us today for a quick quote!

Has Your Facility Had a COVID-19 Exposure?

Don’t Panic…..our Max-Defense Antimicrobial System is CDC Compliant for the cleaning and disinfection after a COVID-19 exposure.   As a matter of fact, our CDC compliant cleaning and disinfection service process for COVID-19 exceeds the CDC requirements.  Our meticulous 5-step disinfection service for COVID-19 is extremely thorough.  Our sanitation process for COVID-19 will restore confidence with your employees and clients!  We offer nationwide disinfection services for COVID-19 through our authorized service provider network.  Each Authorized Service Provider has been rigorously trained in our meticulous 5-step process of cleaning, disinfecting, coating, testing, and documenting for COVID-19.

We offer the the most proactive and precautionary service we offer dealing with microbes.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need disinfection services for COVID-19, WE CAN HELP!

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5 Steps Of Max-Defense Antimicrobial Service





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Our System is CDC Compliant for COVID-19

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