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COVID-19 Disinfection Services Columbia SC

Max Defense is excited to welcome new service providers for our professional  COVID-19 Disinfection Services in Columbia South Carolina SC. 

If You Are in the Columbia South Carolina SC area and you are Concerned About Potentially Harmful Microbes such as COVID-19– Our Best Solution Is Our Max-Defense Antimicrobial Treatment.  We Offer COVID-19 Disinfection Services in Columbia South Carolina for COVID Exposures in Columbia South Carolina SC.  

Our 5-step Max-Defense Antimicrobial Service is meticulous and thorough – here’s what we do:  clean, kill, coat, test, and document.  It’s the most proactive and precautionary service we offer dealing with microbes.  This is disinfection services for COVID-19 on “steroids”.  Take the fight to COVID-19 with our meticulous COVID-19 disinfection services in Columbia South Carolina SC!

covid-19 disinfection service Columbia SC

Here Is Our Unique And Effective Five Step Process:

1. Clean

We thoroughly clean the surface with an EPA registered cleaner/disinfectant (door knobs, counters, sinks, desks, etc…).  The CDC requires that all common touch point surfaces are manually cleaned prior to disinfection.  Electrostatically Spraying alone does not comply with the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 cleaning and COVID-19 disinfection services Columbia South Carolina. You must clean first, which is generally the hardest part that nobody wants to do – but we love it -it’s what we do!  Contact us today for a quick quote for COVID-19 disinfection services Columbia South Carolina

Covid 19 disinfection service Columbia SC

2. Kill

After, the cleaning process – we apply an EPA registered disinfectant with an electrostatic spraying disinfecting system that meets the CDC guidelines to kill human coronavirus.  The chemical is capable of killing 99.9% viruses and bacteria. The list is of EPA kill claims is extensive and includes the human coronavirus.  This disinfection step is, of course, critical in our disinfection process.  After steps 1 and 2, our system has complied with the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 disinfection services in Columbia South Carolina SC.  But we don’t stop there…..

Covid 19 disinfection Columbia South Carolina

3. Coat

Step three – this is cornerstone of our system.  We have a unique, durable and effective biostatic EPA Registered Antimicrobial chemical that can inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi on many surfaces for weeks after initial application.  The Silane base of the coating makes it covalently bind to surfaces and hard to remove.  We recommend 30, 60 or 90 day scheduled treatments depending on the surfaces and environments.  Our coating is approved for use indoors on many surfaces types including most hard and soft surfaces.

Our antimicrobial coating provides a biostatic (that’s a fancy word that means inhibits the growth of certain micro-organisms) shield-like protective coating that wages warfare against offending bacteria, mold and fungi.  The coating can be removed by friction and/or use of high PH cleaners such as bleach, alcohol based cleaner and/or stripping agents.  Reduction of specific organisms depends on the amount of bio load, temperature and humidity.   Application of the coating works in conjunction with good housekeeping practices, the surfaces still need to be cleaned and disinfected on a routine basis in order for the coating work effectively.  The coating is odorless and clear when applied.  It can be applied with a Electrostatic Sprayer, ULV cold fogger, or other spraying methods.

The coating used in our system has been used on numerous schools, professional sports teams, industrial facilities and more. 

Now – your surfaces have been deep cleaned, disinfected, and coated with our antimicrobial coating providing a layer of biostatic surface protection working night and day to fight against microbes.  

electrostatic spraying COVID 19 Columbia SC

4. Test

Step 4 – This is where we make the “invisible – visible”.  In most markets, we provide “pre and post” treatment swabbing for ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate which is the energy source for bacteria) Swabbing allows you get a measurable level of ATP which is in bacteria (dead or alive on the surface).  Many hospitals and food service companies use ATP meters to measure the cleanliness of surfaces.  If you are need COVID-19 disinfection services in Columbia South Carolina SC contact us!

This shows you the “hygiene” of the surface before and after we do steps 1-3.  We will give you readings pre and post treatment.   We provide you with measurable data – that you can use to evaluate your current cleaning staff and it proves to you that will did our job – after you see the pre and post numbers.  Not many disinfection services offer ATP swabbing – we have been doing this for 10 years!  Don’t hesitate to contact us for COVID-19 Disinfection Services in Columbia South Carolina SC area!

5. Document

After the COVID-19 disinfection service in Columbia South Carolina SC is complete, we provide you with a:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Professional window sticker
  • Post treatment report

Our post treatment report documents everything we did from the chemicals used, dwell times, surfaces treated, swab readings and more.   Unfortunately, in the litigious age we live in, if you don’t document it – it didn’t happen !  This is another huge piece of the puzzle – because the post treatment report could save you down the road – in case you are questioned as to “what you did” after your facility had a positive exposure to COVID-19. Contact us today for COVID-19 disinfection service in Columbia South Carolina.

Please Note, We Cannot Make Any Health Claims That Our Service Will Reduce And/Or Prevent Sickness – That Would Be A Health Claim Which Is Beyond The Scope Of The EPA Registrations Of The Products That We Use.  However, Our Service Is CDC Compliant For Disinfecting For COVID-19 And It Exceeds The CDC’s Cleaning And Disinfection Requirements For Cleaning And Disinfection After A COVID-19 Exposure.

We believe our system is the most proactive and precautionary measure to ensure that your facilities’ surfaces are well protected against microbes.  It’s the most robust service we offer to combat microorganisms.  Give you clients and employees a World Class COVID-19 Disinfection Service in Columbia South Carolina SC – they will appreciate it! 

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