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COVID-19 Cleaning Disinfection St. George, UT

Emergency COVID-19 cleaning disinfection St. George, UT!

Max Defense Antimicrobial Service offers emergency and/or scheduled Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection services to the St. George UT and surrounding areas. Our proven 5 – step system of cleaning, killing, coating, testing and documenting is the Best in Class service.

If you have a commercial facility in the St. George UT area that needs a rapid response CDC compliant COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection process, contact us today! Call our 24 hour number (800) 651-3194.

We offer Max Defense Services to St. George UT!

We have been offering our Max Defense Antimicrobial Services for over 10 years in the greater St. George UT!  Click here on Our Story to find out more!

Our crews are well trained and meticulous. We leave “no stone unturned”. We can have your business up and running again quickly!

Contact today if we can help!

COVID-19 Disinfection Services

Does Your Facility Need A CDC Compliant – Professional Disinfection Service For A COVID-19 Exposure? Contact The Disinfection Pros At Max Defense Antimicrobial System Today! Our Nationwide Network Of Highly Trained And Authorized Service Providers Can Provide The Best Disinfection Services Nationwide To Fight COVID-19 With Rapid Response Times. Contact Us Today For A Quick Quote!

We have been proudly serving the St. George UT area for over 10 years. Our CDC compliant service is “best in class” quality! Disinfecting St. George UT – one germ at a Time! We love St. George and are happy to have served hundreds of businesses during this pandemic!

If your building has been exposed to COVID-19 – Don’t Panic…..our Max-Defense Antimicrobial System is CDC Compliant for the cleaning and disinfection after a COVID-19 exposure.   As a matter of fact, our CDC compliant cleaning and disinfection service process for COVID-19 exceeds the CDC requirements.  Our meticulous 5-step disinfection service for COVID-19 is extremely thorough.  Our sanitation process for COVID-19 will restore confidence with your employees and clients!  We offer nationwide disinfection services for COVID-19 through our authorized service provider network.  Each Authorized Service Provider has been rigorously trained in our meticulous 5-step process of cleaning, disinfecting, coating, testing, and documenting for COVID-19.